About Us


Our Mission

To plant native trees in those areas of need in Hamilton and improve the long-term health of all those living in our community.

Board of Directors

Lorraine Ironside – Biologist, tree specialist
Myles Sergeant – Family physician, native tree enthusiast
Simon J. Liang – Chartered Accountant, environment and tree enthusiast
Rob Booth – Environmental engineer, energy and ecological conservationist
Shelley McKay – Communications and Fundraising specialist
Ryan Munroe – Horticultural Advisor and ISA Certified Arborist
Su Heenan – Environmentalist, Patient Advisor in Environmental Sustainability, lifelong learner, and dedicated tree enthusiast


  1. Plant trees in predefined areas of need
  2. Create partnerships with volunteer groups to help plant trees
  3. Seek and obtain funding through charitable donations and funding agencies
  4.  Use donations to purchase trees, not for administration