Trees for Hamilton stems from the ReLeaf project which was co-led by one of our Directors (Lorraine Moir). The project defined areas in Hamilton in need of trees. Taking up where ReLeaf left off, Trees for Hamilton is dedicated to planting trees in these identified areas.

A summary of what the ReLeaf project accomplished is available here.

Our Partners

City of Hamilton Hamilton-Burlington Eath Day Hamlinton Conservation Authority
Local Land Stewards (private property owners dedicated to ecosystem improvement) Royal Botanical Gardens Starfish (McMaster environmental group)

McMaster University Sustainability Department

Manorun Organic Farm Environment Hamilton  Wayside House of Hamilton
   Forests Ontaio  

Available Resources:

For information, contact

ReLeaf Phase 1 Report: Planning Together for Natural Heritage Systems in Hamilton

McMaster Center For Climate Change Actions Map:

How to plant small trees or shrubs:

The link between trees and health:

Local Hamiltonian Arborist for Tree Care:

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